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BOI seminar for tourguides to help in finding potential investors


“ Tour guides are often regarded as excellent ambassadors for their country, as they are able to speak many different languages and due to that ability they are able to have regular contacts with foreign visitors, who may turn into potential investors,”said.        Mr.Indika Vithana, president of the Institute of National Tourist Guide Lecturers(INTGL), who delivered the keynote address at the briefing seminar organized by the Board of Investment for members of the tour guide profession at the BOI’s auditorium in the World Trade Centre recently

The meeting was attended by a large number of tour guides both from Sri Lanka and overseas representing all leading tour and travel companies in the country. The rational behind this special programme is to identify potential investors, advice them and guide them with regard to their interest in investing in Sri Lanka, due to the fact that tour guides are often among the first people to meet foreign visitors to the island

The event was coordinated by Mr. Vipula Jayasinghe – Senior Deputy Director (Promotion) and China Desk Officer and the welcome speech to tour guides was delivered by Mr. Prasanjith Wijayathilake – Executive Director (Investment Promotion).

The programme also included an address by the Assistant registrar of Companies Ms. L K S Dharmakeerthi; and lectures on Sri Lanka’s hub operations; on the BOI’s functions; and types of investments that can be made; and on BOI’s One Stop Shop and opportunities to investment.

The programme is an effort of the part of the BOI to strengthen ties with other professions who may be in contact with potential investors.

(Courtesy : Media Department Board of Investment of Sri Lanka)