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Lanka’s East Coast one of the hottest destinations


The authoritative National Geographic magazine has included Sri Lanka’s East Coast as one of the ten hottest and best destinations  to visit.

National Geographic says: “While the western side of the South Asian island of Sri Lanka welcomes enough visitors to become downright touristy, the eastern side has been bedeviled by civil unrest and a tsunami. But things are changing as the situations have resolved, turning the region into one of the hot travel destinations for 2016.

That’s especially true for beachgoers who want something more than sun, sand, and surf. Eastern Sri Lanka delivers. There are land safaris for leopard spotting, trips to ancient Hindu temples, back-road cycling, yoga classes, and ayurvedic spa treatments. Back on the beach, there’s snorkeling with blue whales and deep-sea diving amid shipwrecks in the Bay of Bengal. And when you’re ready to rest your head, you’ll find a selection of new hotels, from a tree house to private villas.”

Sri Lanka, Trincomalee, 27 September 2010 Young guys are having fun in Nilaveli Beach, one of the important tourist spots in Trincomalee. Nilaveli Beach is located 275 Km from Colombo, on the East coast along the pristine beach and considered as one of the finest unspoilt beaches in Asia with white sands and clear blue seas. Sri Lanka, Trinquemalay, 27 septembre 2010 Des jeunes s'amusent sur la plage de Nilaveli est l'un des sites touristiques important de Trinquemalay. Elle est situÈr ‡ 275km de Colombo, sur la cÙte est, et est considÈrÈe comme l'une des plus belles plages d'Asie avec sable blanc et mer bleu ciel. Munem Wasif / Agence VU
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