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President says 99% terrorists arrested … NSC open to Opposition


By Saman Indrajith

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday told Parliament that he had ensured the participation of Opposition politicians in the National Security Council (NSC).

The members of the Cabinet, too, could participate at the NSC meetings, the President said. Colombo Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, too, had once attended an NSC meeting, the President said, participating in the two-day debate on current security situation in the country.

“Many terror suspects have been taken into custody. Of those taken into custody 56 have been identified as those with terrorist links and of them 12 are hard-core ones. The security forces have so far found 13 safe houses and 41 bank accounts used by the terrorists. Those bank accounts have been frozen.

“Action has been taken to confiscate the assets of those involved in the Easter Sunday attacks. The terror group had paid two million each to those who helped them. I have no intention of spelling out the two-letter name of the terrorist outfit because no leader of a state would do so.

“This terrorist organisation has been established against the Western civilisation. It is against Christianity, the Church and the Cross. They are against the US and white people. Their target is to hoist their flag over Vatican. I have instructed the security forces to eliminate all those terrorists involved in the Easter Sunday attacks.

“According to intelligence reports the number of these extremists is lower than 150. We must have faith in our security forces and the intelligence operatives. I have instructed them to make use of the provisions of the Emergency regulations to carry out their operations.

“I call upon people not to have any fears. We have already nabbed 99 per cent of terrorists involved in the Easter Sunday carnage. Within three more days we will arrest the others.”

(Courtesy: The Island  newspaper)