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Sri Lanka one of 8 places to indulge yourself in 2016


Nat Geo’s Urban Inside Annie Fitsimmons, one of the authoritative explorers of cities of the world has selected Sri Lanka as  one of the eight destinations to indulge in 2016.

According to Miss Fitzimmons the word ‘luxury’ has been overused to the point of becoming a terrible cliché in the travel world. She says that true luxury experience is much more about human connection, personalization and authentic expression of place than it is about thread count, hand-holding or  high-end shampoos.

While attending the International Luxury Travel Market conference in Cannes this year, she had asked professionals at leading high-end hotel groups to reveal their picks for the hottest destinations of 2016. Their responses ran the gamut, from grand cities and idyllic islands to tiny villages and natural escapes. Placing Sri Lanka among Paris(France), Bali, Seychelles, Puglia(Italy), Arosa(Switzerland), Kyoto(Japan) and Morocco Miss Fitzimmons has this to say about Sri Lanka

“Improved infrastructure and new flights into capital city Colombo mean Sri Lanka will be hot in 2016. And, according to Dilip Rajakarier, CEO of the Minor Hotel Group, it’s the island nation’s southern half that is poised to be the next big destination. “Most people think of Kandy and the Hill Country of [central] Sri Lanka with its many tea plantations,” he said, “but the southern coast is ruggedly beautiful and [virtually] untouched by tourism.

“The region boasts several ancient temples, along with national wildlife parks, prime surf beaches, and crystal-clear coastal waters where blue whales are often observed—all within driving distance of Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort, the hotel group’s latest addition.”


Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort