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Thotupola Lakeside Resort ideal place to relax


Thotupola lakeside is a unique place where one can relax due to the stillness and calmness that pervades in the location, unlike any other resort in Sri Lanka.

Located overlooking the picturesque Bolgoda Lake, Piliyandala, the resort has been specially built to accommodate groups of people or corporate clients or individuals to help them to discover their true potential, to shed stress and strain that is troubling the progress in their lives.
Chairman of the Thotupola Lakeside Resort, Major Vijith Welikala addressing a media briefing recently said that Thotupola had been designed, developed and was now available for the corporate sector. He said as many as 5,000 persons have gone through their portals in team building process, and they have uncovered a key missing element such as interacting with others at the workplace or at their homes.

The Thotupola Lakeside Resort also known as the Inward Bound facility provides outdoor adventure activities such as riding a water jet at the Bolgoda Lake, lowering oneself from a height with the help of a cable attached to the body, and climbing a wall under the guidance and watchful eyes of experienced retired service commandos, listening to classical music to soothen your frayed nerves and practicing Yoga therapy under the guidance of Dr. (Mrs ) Radha and Yoga Professor Ken Vijayakumar from India.