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Twenty five new Tourist Police stations around the Island


In order to ensure the safety of tourists, twenty five new tourist police stations will be established around the island, said Inspector General of Police Mr.Pujitha Jayasundara during a meeting held with the chairman and senior officials of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority(SLTDA) and officers of the Tourist Police Division at the Police Headquarters recently.

IGP also said that a new uniform would be introduced to the tourist police division to allow it to build more cordial relations with the tourists visiting Sri Lanka.

The new Police stations will be constructed with the instance of the SLTDA and they will be strategically positioned covering all main tourist destinations in the country.

“We have to understand the important role played by the tourism sector in the country’s economy. In a few years, it is expected to become the largest foreign exchange earner for the country. Therefore, ensuring safety of the foreigners visiting Sri Lanka will be a top priority for the Police force,” IGP said.

He also added that measures would be made to give more training opportunities to officers attached to the Tourist Police Division.

“Officers of the Tourist Police Division should pay special attention to language  training.  In addition to English, they should also learn widely used  international languages such as Chinese, Hindi and French,” the IGP said, while promising to expand training opportunities to the Tourist Police.

“Members of the Tourist Police Force,” the IGP said, ” must work closely with the SLTDA and other institutions involved in the Tourism sector. At the same time, the Tourist Police Division should be a brand by itself adding value to Sri Lanka’s reputation as a safe destination,” Jayasundara said.

Speaking on behalf of the SLTDA, its Chairman Kavan Ratnayaka said the state tourism institution would extend its maximum support to the Tourist Police Division, as protecting tourists is a key priority for the government and the SLTDA would go to any length to achieve it.