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42nd World Scout Conference


The World Scout Conference (WSC) is the Governing Body of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). The Conference takes place every three years. In addition to 6 delegates, observers authorised by their National Scout Organization (NSO) are also eligible to attend the event. An NSO can have a maximum of six voting delegates at a World Scout Conference.

The function of the Conference is to contemplate the policy and standards of the Scout movement throughout the world, formulate the general policy of the World Organization, and take action required to further the purpose of the Movement. At the Conference,  a World Scout Committee is elected to carry out the management of Scouting in the World on behalf of the WSC.

Immediately prior to the Conference, a World Scout Youth Forum is held. Through preparing inputs and making recommendations to the World Scout Conference and to the World Scout Committee, youth participants develop the skills necessary to take part in decision-making processes. The Youth Forum is open to Scouts, Scout Leaders and Rovers  aged 18-26, of which WOSM recommends that 2 youth delegates be  at the World Scout Conference. The World Scout Youth Forum is considered as an interim measure to improve youth involvement in decision-making at world level.

Functions of the Conference includes electing members of the World Scout Committee, admitting new member countries, and selecting the venues for forthcoming World Scout Events, namely the World Scout Jamboree, the World Scout Moot, the World Scout Conference and the World Scout Youth Forum.

The last Conference, scheduled to be held in Egypt in 2020 was postponed due to the COVID Pandemic, Due to travel bans from COVID,  the World Scout Conference is being held in a Virtual platform from the 25th  to  29th  August 2021.

Over 170  Delegations from around the world are participating in this conference. The 2021 WSC is the largest representation of National Scout Organizations ever at a World Scout Conference.  

The Sri Lanka Scout Association participates at the 42 nd World Scout Conference with  20 members. The Contingent   comprises 6 delegates (Voting Members), 14 Observers out of which 2 were youth members.,

The Sri Lankan delegation comprisesof   6 Voting Members – the Chief Commissioner Maj.Gen Milinda Peiris as the Chief Advisor, International Commissioner Dr. Rajeeva Pieris as the Head of Delegation, National Program Commissioner, Mr. Sarath Matharachahi, Assistant Chief Commissioners Ms. Watsala Wijewickrema, Dr. Manjula Sahabandu and Mr. Prabath Kularatna.  

The  12  Observers are  National Training Commissioner – Mr. Nanda Fernando; Special Commissioners Mr. Nanda Corea and Mr. M.F.S.Muheed;, Director-Training Mr. Padmalal Perera; Headquarters Commissioners Mr.Abdul Mawahib, Dr.Asanka Eriyawa; Assistant Headquarters Commissioners Mr.Udesha Maduranga, Mr. Chamara Sandaruwan Kaldera, Dr.Rajeev Pagoda; District Commissioners Mr. Gihan Amil Abeysundera (Colombo), Dr.Anil Perera (Homagama) &  Mr.Jerome Lakshan Perera (Negombo), . 

The 2  Youth Members  are Ms. R.T,K. Hathnagoda & Mr. N.A.Gallage. 

Due to the COVID wave, Sri Lankan delegates operated from home. The Sri Lanka delegation made elaborate preparations for this world Conference. The entire contingent divided all tasks among each of them. This made the conference participation more efficient, they met every day in a web meeting to update and plan the 24 hours ahead. An online contingent log was maintained where all could remotely enter their own experience. They communicated real time through a dedicated WhatsApp group – this group carried all announcements for the contingent.

The delegation produced a badge and a T-shirt for the event. They also produced an impressive E-Souvenir to be distributed to delegates from around the world. This Souvenir contained an extensive account of Scouting in Sri Lanka. It contained a section on all delegates for the Conference and even the World Scout Youth Forum. It also showcased Sri Lanka as a country.

Twenty one countries held virtual exhibitions on Scouting in their respective countries. Sri Lankan Exhibition was the most spectacular and was a 360° virtual experience of Scouting, Culture and music. It was virtually manned by the contingents’ members throughout the Conference..

Being a worldwide virtual conference, the events were spread throughout the 24 hours. Points were awarded for attending sessions, interactive sessions, answering quizzes on content of lectures and completing goals. The higher the level or participation, the higher the points – getting high point would meant being up and participating in events most of the 24 hours . Mr. Amil Abeysundara constantly maintained himself among the 10 highest scoring participants on all days of the conference.