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A clarion call to exporters; commence all exports!


It’s a difficult moment for the world. We are fighting the coronavirus pandemic whilst our nation’s exporters have been facing challenging times for the past two months. The EDB requests that now more than ever, the time has come for us to prepare our businesses to stay up and running. As a nation, we are no stranger to disaster, having faced our fair share of adversity. We are confident that we will weather this storm and as we have done in the past, Sri Lanka will emerge stronger than ever and continue focusing on our main goal – recommencing exports, restoring them to their former level and increasing them.

Once again, a new trial stands before us. It is time for us to show our strength and resilience as a country. We must let the world know that for our businesses, our people and our nation, nothing is impossible. The Government has done their part by enforcing the safety measures necessary to work towards eradicating the COVID-19 virus on the island, and as a result we will overcome this crisis. However, we must also do our part. The Government requires that as a country it is imperative to place emphasis on generating foreign exchange earnings, without which our economy cannot be sustained. It is of utmost importance, therefore, that all exporters will commence operations after the New Year holidays. Factories will be permitted to operate outside the red zones and we must come together to fulfill our responsibility as Sri Lankans.

The EDB is assured that, given sufficient time, the world will recover and as for our nation, we are survivors. We will come out of this crisis with the help of our exporters who must now collaboratively start their businesses and help Sri Lanka in our country’s time of need. It is time for us to come together and go forth into the world in search of new markets, new customers whilst strengthening our existing relationships and continuing to provide quality exports.

We wish to stress that it is mandatory for all exporters to comply with the health regulations issued by the Ministry of Health in this regard and all factories will be inspected by the PHI of the respective area before they commence business.

The EDB is ready to support all exporters and a hotline is in place for any assistance that we can provide. We are from a nation where our unity is stronger than our individuality. When faced with times of difficulty, Sri Lankans will once again come together and rise.

For information

Mr. M.K.S.K. Maldeni / Actg. Additional Director General – 077 7601592 

Ms. Chitranjali Dissanayake / Actg. Additional Director General – 071 8071163 

Ms. Malani Baddegamage / Director – Export Agriculture – 071 9500885 

EDB Help Desk

Mr. Indrakeerthi SRP, Director, Trade Facilitation – 071 440 6119

Ms. Nirmala Gajanayaka – Export Promotion Officer – 071 822 0953

Ms. PriyadarshaniHewawasam – Export Promotion Officer – 077 249 4807

E mail: helpdesk@edb.gov.lk