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A new Housing Project for Expatriate Workers – A Dream Come True

Manusha Nanayakkara, Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment, has taken steps to initiate a housing project exclusively for expatriate workers.
This housing project is to be implemented jointly by Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment and the Housing Development Authority.
According to the needs of expatriate workers, this housing project is going to be implemented as urban condominiums and rural single housing units.
A discussion regarding this was held today (16) with the participation of State Minister of Urban and Housing Development, Thenuka Vidanagamage. During the meeting it was decided to start a survey regarding the housing needs of expatriate workers from next Monday onwards.
The information is expected to be available within two weeks and the survey is scheduled to be conducted through the development officers assigned to all the divisional secretariats, Sri Lankan foreign missions and through the official website of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.
After analyzing the data obtained from the survey conducted targeting expatriate workers and their family members, the types of houses that will be built, the number of houses and the areas where the houses will be built will be identified.
After that, the construction work of the housing project will be implemented in identified lands owned by the Housing Development Authority and the government.
Mr. Hilmi Aziz, Chairman of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment, Mr.Rajeev Suriyarachchi, Chairman of National Housing Development Authority and other officers were also present at the meeting.

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