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CDS meets president Paul Kagame at the ‘Kwibohora 30’ national ceremony in Rwanda

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Shavendra Silva WWV RWP RSP VSV USP ndc psc MPhil, embarked on an official visit to Rwanda where he attended the ‘KWIBOHORA 30’ (‘Liberation Day 30’) National ceremony at Amahoro Stadium in Kigali and held a cordial discussion with Rwandan President His Excellency Paul Kagame. The event marked the 30th anniversary of Rwanda’s liberation and was a significant occasion for both the host nation and the international military delegations present.

The national ceremony commenced with the arrival of the President, followed by the presidential inspection of the ceremonial military parade. The atmosphere was charged with patriotism and pride as Rwandans and guests gathered to commemorate this significant milestone in Rwandan history.

A notable highlight of the ceremony was the recognition of the foreign military delegations  that had arrived in Rwanda to witness the National Day celebrations. Among the distinguished guests, the name of General Shavendra Silva was announced introducing him to a huge number of attendees present to witness the grand celebration. This gesture underscored the importance of international solidarity and the strengthening of bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and Rwanda.

After the formal events of the ceremony, bilateral meetings were held between President Paul Kagame and the heads of the invited foreign military delegations. Following discussions with General Shavendra Silva, the Rwandan President advised authorities to take necessary steps to further enhance military cooperation with the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. This meeting provided a platform for the dignitaries to engage in discussions, fostering diplomatic relations and mutual understanding.

The celebration came alive with a vibrant parade that showcased impressive military drills, dynamic band performances by the RDF and the Police, and captivating cultural displays. The entire stadium was filled with enthusiastic spectators, creating a lively and festive atmosphere as the ground brimmed with people eager to partake in the momentous occasion.

General Shavendra Silva’s presence at the “KWIBOHORA 30” National ceremony and his participation in a high-level meeting with the Rwandan President emphasized the growing ties between Sri Lanka and Rwanda. His visit underscored the importance of commemorating Rwanda’s historical achievements while paving the way for future collaborations in defence and other sectors.

The ‘KWIBOHORA 30’ National ceremony was not just a celebration of Rwanda’s liberation but also a testament to the enduring spirit of unity and resilience. The participation of foreign military leaders, including General Shavendra Silva, added an international dimension to the event, reinforcing the bonds of friendship and cooperation among nations.

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