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National Green Expo 2022


The “National Green Expo 2022”

Green Building Council of Sri Lanka, being the pioneering organization committed to promoting environmental sustainability in Sri Lanka has decided to conduct an Exhibition Centre of the BMICH on 27th, 28th and 29th of May 2022 with the aim of demonstrating the achievements of green technological innovations made so far by all sectors of the Sri Lankan economy such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, infrastructure development, industries and the transport etc. to the general public. The other objective is to build awareness among the general public on the benefits of using the products that have been upgraded by integrating green technology. This will be a great opportunity for the public and corporate sector organizations to demonstrate their commitment for promoting green, while introducing their upgraded products and services to the public.

This exhibition will be distinctive among all other similar events because of its unique theme “Empowering Innovations and Green Technology” and the tagline ‘Smart, Inventive and Proven Green Technologies for Sustainable Development.

This exhibition will be another progressive milestone of the ‘GREENING SRI LANKA 2021/30’ Campaign launched by the GBCSL as its roadmap for achieving environmental sustainability and sustainable development in Sri Lanka.

The Green Building Councils in other countries in the Pacific Asia Region have agreed to collaborate with us in conducting this exhibition by providing technical and technological support and arranging leading industries in their countries to participate in this event as exhibitors. We are expecting the support and cooperation of the leading UN agencies operating in Sri Lanka for conducting this magnificent event.

Know About the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka

 World GBC Affiliation

The GBC Sri Lanka is a member of the world green building council, which represents a large number of countries ranging from developed to developing nations worldwide. The world green building council has provided us with an important non-political global forum to discuss and promote the sustainable transformation of the global property industry.


The Green Building Council of Sri Lanka is a consensus based not for profit organization with diverse and integrated representation from all sectors of the property industry, environment and academia. This was established with a joint effort by thee professional institutions of architects, engineers, structural engineers, town planners, quantity surveyors, university academics, construction industry leaders, environmentalists and business leaders.

Green Building Council of Sri Lanka, being the pioneering organization committed for promoting environmental sustainability in Sri Lanka, has designed and developed the ‘GREENING SRI LANKA 2021/30’ Campaign, as its roadmap for achieving environmental sustainability and sustainable development in Sri Lanka. The aim of this Campaign is to facilitate sustainability based economic development in Sri Lanka by providing home-grown and cost-effective green solutions to make the built environment sustainable, while ensuring enhancement of quality, efficiency, productivity and profitability in all development activities and business performances, in line with nationally and internationally accepted norms and standards. This is the biggest campaign ever launched in Sri Lanka to ensure the best environmental performance of the built environment including cities, transport infrastructure, commercial, industrial and residential buildings and the irrigation infrastructure etc. with the aim of achieving projected goals of sustainable development by 2030.

The Green Building Council is now fully equipped with following resources to conduct its activities successfully.

  1. Rating Tools for Green Assessment and Certification
  2. Certified Green Consultants (around 1,600) for Project and Product Assessments
  3. Specifically Designed Education and Training Programs
  4. Awareness Programs for Promoting Sustainable Lifestyle Among the General Public
  5. GBCSL Industry Experts and Senior Academics Forum
  6. International Support-base through World Green Building Council


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