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Sri Lanka Tourism collaborates with UL Korea GSA and influencers to promote the destination

Han Moon Chul , a popular YouTube  sensation with 1.78  million subscribers  and a Broadcaster in Korea , visited Sri Lanka on the 27th of January 2024 , and received a warm welcome from the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau , where he had a high level meeting with the top management of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB ) on how to promote Sri Lanka as a travel destination. Han Moon Chul is also a lawyer, specializing in traffic accidents and compensation for damages, which adds to his portfolio as a talented you tuber and Broadcaster. His main purpose is to promote Sri Lanka among his Korean followers who are unfamiliar with Sri Lanka and encourage them to visit the destination by highlighting its diverse culture, ethnicity and beauty through his you tube channel.

To create awareness about Sri Lanka among his Korean fans, Han Moon Chul has asked multiple questions regarding Sri Lanka’s strength as a travel destination, attractions, cuisine, cost effective restaurants, and the beautiful beaches. In addition, he also inquired about the transportation in Sri Lanka, so that Korean visitors can find the best way to travel across the country.

He was happy with the positive outcome and response he received at the interview and meeting held with the senior officials of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, including Mr. Nalin Perera , Managing Director , Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau , and Mr. John Park , Chairman , Sri Lankan Airlines , GSA Korea, at the King of the  Mambo Restaurant at Galle Face Hotel , Colombo . He and his team were also given tokens of appreciation by Mr. Nalin Perera , Managing Director , Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau , to mark their visit to Sri Lanka. Han Moon Chul and his team from Korea also enjoyed the sumptuous dinner prepared by the Galle Face Hotel, including all the staple dishes relevant to Sri Lanka.

South Korea can be a major source market for Sri Lanka, with the increasing number of tourist arrivals each month. From 1st to 30th January 2024, Tourist arrivals have been recorded as 201 , 687,whereas India has brought the highest number of tourist arrivals for the month of January , 2024.Sri Lanka has been able to receive this target after several years , and has been one of the most successful years in the Tourism Calendar.  Sri Lanka Tourism hopes to continue its joint promotional activities with UL Korea for more promotional value and enable more Korean tourists to visit the destination.

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