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Defence Secretary declares open Diyawanna Vesak Zone 2024

Defence Secretary General Kamal Gunaratne and Chairman of Independent Television Network (ITN) Mr. Sudarshana Gunawardana, inaugurated the ‘Diyawanna Vesak Zone 2024’ yesterday (May 23). This is organized in line with the ‘Buddha Rashmi’ Vesak festival.

Diyawanna Vesak Zone 2024, is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence and ITN.

Decorative Vesak lanterns and colorful lights illuminating Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha and the Ministry of Defence road in Battaramulla were ceremonially switched on by the two distinguished guests. The live telecast of ‘Diyawanna Vesak Zone 2024’ on ITN channel also began simultaneously.

Bakthi Gee (Songs of religious devotion) recitals by cultural troupes of Sri Lanka Army, Navy, Air Force and Civil Security Department (CSD) is among the major highlights of the Diyawanna Vesak Zone.

Under the theme “Attano wa avekkhyeya kathani akatani cha” (Let’s be aware of what we have done, not what others have done), Diyawanna Vesak Zone featured Vesak Lantern Exhibition, Bakthi Gee, Vesak Dhansal stalls, herbal tea stalls,  light decorations, a decorated mobile Bakthi Gee platform and various other cultural events.

After declare opening the Vesak Zone Defence Secretary joined with other dignitaries to witness the dazzling panorama of Diyawanna Vesak Zone walking along the brightened pathways.

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