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Night Skies over SL is now open for Domestic Aviators

Director General & CEO of the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka with the concurrence of the Hon. State Minister of Aviation, Hon. D. V Chanaka, has removed decades old restriction imposed on domestic aviators with regards to flights between sunset to sunrise.

This restriction has been imposed during the thirty year terrorist conflict in Sri Lanka. While the restriction was practical at time but has created domestic aviation industry undue burdens, the DGCA mentioned. He further said that due to the night flying restriction, some operators had to provide their crew and passengers with unplanned overnight stays at destinations which was an added cost to the operators.

Director General of Civil Aviation Capt. Themiya Abeywickrama,  further emphasized that though the restriction is removed the pilots and airplane operators must follow and obey the Rules applicable for night flying whenever operating between dusk to dawn.

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