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Foreign couple enter wedlock going by the Sri Lankan tradition

Sri Lanka has managed to attract many tourists due to its natural ecosystems and hospitality. Foreigners visit Sri Lanka for various tourism trends. Meanwhile, foreign newlyweds are more inclined to come to Sri Lanka to spend their honeymoon.

Although foreign marriages have already been conducted on the coast of Sri Lanka, foreign marriages have not been very popular in the interior of the country in a beautiful environment with mountain peaks.

After studying this situation, Lavingo Travels Pvt. Ltd., as a concept, has created an opportunity for foreigners to conduct the marriages of foreign tourists in a new dimension according to the tradition of this country.

According to this concept, on April 2nd, a European tourist couple arranged to get married in Sri Lanka. The specialty of this marriage was, that this marriage was conducted in a tourist hotel located in a beautiful environment consisting of a mountain range as the backdrop, in the Kandy district, under the Central Province.

According to the Hela tradition, this European couple was taken to the raft with drumming and upcountry dancing, and the Hela rituals were performed on the raft, giving priority to the Sri Lankan local tradition, and thus their marriage was performed.

Thereafter, according to the Sri Lankan law, this marriage was duly registered before the marriage registrar of Pathadumbara. Kandy Divisional Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. Chamil Krisantha Ratnayake and Assistant Director of Tourism Promotion Bureau Mr. Masitha De Thabrew signed as witnesses.

Lavingo Travels Pvt. Ltd coordinated and made all the arrangements related to this marriage. They also received the support of government officials in this regard, including the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.

The main objective of promoting this marriage was to enhance the willingness of foreign tourists to perform their marriages in Sri Lanka and to highlight Sri Lanka as a foreign wedding destination.

By conducting these foreign marriages in this country, the country can also get another foreign exchange strategy, and Lavingo Travel Private Company hopes to promote this concept in new areas in the future

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