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General Amnesty for Tri Forces Absentees

The Ministry of Defence has declared a month long General Amnesty from 20 April to 20 May (2024) to Tri-Forces absentees, enabling them to receive an official discharge from their respective services.

  1. Accordingly, Tri-Forces absentees will be able to receive their discharge from military service and any financial obligations or amount due should be settled prior to their discharge.
  2. This General Amnesty is applicable to absentees who have been Absent without Leave (AWOL) prior to 02 April 2024.
  3. Absentees who are presently abroad can also obtain discharge without reporting to their respective regiments conforming to following requirements:
  4. Those seeking discharge should have no pending disciplinary actions taken against them apart from that of being AWOL.
  5. Should have clearance from the Department of Immigration and Emigration confirming their travel abroad was done with legal documents and not on forged documents or by illegal means.
  6. It should be noted that this amnesty does not apply to those who had gone AWOL and failed to return to the country after attending foreign courses funded by the government or courses offered to Tri Forces by foreign institutes, and those who had proceeded on diplomatic missions or any other requirements.

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