MOU between Japan and Sri Lanka in the areas of Employment, Human Resource Development, Investment and Tourism

The Government of Sri Lanka and a leading business enterprise in Japan, Pasona Group have entered into a memorandum of understanding regarding employment opportunities for Sri Lankan workers in Japan, human resource development, bringing Japanese investments to Sri Lanka and promoting tourism.
The MoU was signed at the “Wave Riding Festival” theater in Awaji Island during the official visit of Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara to Japan. The MoU has been signed between the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment and Pasona Group.

According to this agreement, the Pasona Group will provide its support for the Japanese companies who wish to recruit Sri Lankan workers for employment opportunities. In addition, Pasona Group will provide necessary support to Sri Lankans seeking employment in Japan to get employment opportunities. According to this agreement, Pasona Group will also hold investment conferences and investment consultations to attract Japanese investors to Sri Lanka.

At the same time, for the promotion of the tourism industry, programs are to be implemented to improve the skills and training of professionals employed in the tourism sector, and a program is to be implemented to bring more Japanese tourists to Sri Lanka.

Minister Manusha Nanayakkara, who spoke at the signing of the MoU, said that Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic crisis since independence, and is currently working to build a stable country under the leadership of President Ranil Wickremesinghe. The minister stated that this crisis is a crucial turning point in the history of the country and necessary policy reforms are currently being carried out to prevent such crises from occurring again. In order to develop an efficient workforce, the minister said that by studying the best practices around the world including Japan, the workers will be given the opportunity to do flexible, part-time and multiple jobs.

The Minister stated that joining forces with Pasona Group, a leader in human resources in Japan, is a historic day for Sri Lanka and that this partnership will bring mutual benefits to both countries in various fields.

Shan Yahampath, an Advisor to the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment, Saminda Jayasekara, Director of the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau, Ruwan Perera, Special Representative for Japan-Sri Lanka Employment related work, attended this event.

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