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Nostalgic Pictorial Excursions in and around My Galle Fort

Dutch-style verandahs –here in a house being repaired with a chain gang transferring clusters of tiles –yes, tiles — Up-Catch-Shift-Place. Wow, efficient-Pic by Roberts

By Michael Roberts

I was born and bred in Galle Fort, living there in Pedlar Street and then in Middle Street in houses rented from Muslim moor landlords by my retired father, T. W. Roberts, of the CCS. I visit the place whenever I can and several pictures taken during the last ten years are inserted within this collection… with Images by Michael Roberts, where not otherwise specified

Galle Fort in yesteryear

1.A Scene in front to the Fort in the 1890s or thereabouts–Pic from National Gallery of Australia 2.Fishermen at it in the 1930s along the rocks at the foot of the ramparts, western side … a common sight even in the 1950s but now unlikely in the same style of garments —Pics by Lincoln Pereira

SCENES TODAY: THE WATERLINE off the Fort… my teenage playground

FULL FRONTAL: The Imposing Ramparts

The VOC crest over the original harbour entrance … and from inside

Pic by Dr. Janaka Gallangoda

The Galle Literary Festival in January 2008

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