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Sri Lanka Tourism lights up Colombo

Aims to make the city an attraction for travellers this festive season

Sri Lanka Tourism will blitz the city of Colombo this festive season by lighting up key streets and areas for a second consecutive year, following the success of last year.

The month of December marks the start of the country’s peak tourist season, and the city light up project by Sri Lanka Tourism aims to add to the festivities and the overall holiday experience of visitors, as they enjoy a variety of events, sites, and the hospitality of Sri Lankans.

Making Colombo an attractive and festive destination during this season is part of Sri Lanka Tourism plan of enhancing the urban city experience for travellers. Sri Lanka Tourism aims to light up the city, adding a dash of wonder and excitement for travellers visiting or passing by much like other tourist focused destinations do during this season in cities to add sparkle to the holiday mood.

Sri Lanka Tourism’s newly launched destination tagline ‘Sri Lanka – You ‘ll come back for more’ is focused on every aspect of a traveller’s experience during their stay in the country, that makes both the little and big moments memorable, magical, and momentous, giving strong motivation for them to keep coming back to the country.

The Light-up Colombo Project by Sri Lanka Tourism will burn bright from the 15th of December to the 2nd of January 2024. The project will see Festive decorations for different zones. Zone A : From Kingsbury Hotel passing the Presidential Secretariat, Shangri-La Green Area towards the Galle Face Roundabout. Zone B : From Galle Face Roundabout, passing Cinnamon Grand Hotel, and Temple Trees towards to the Colpetty  Junction. Zone C: From Liberty Plaza through Duplication Road towards Bambalapitiya.

Sri Lanka Tourism hopes the project will add to the festiveness and celebratory mood of travellers expected to visit Colombo, both foreign and local and aims to continue it as an annual attraction.

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